Mid-Michigan Equine Services, PLLC

Providing quality veterinary care to the Mid-Michigan horse community.

Here are the prices on some of our most requested products and services.

Price List

We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and CareCredit. Due to past complications we now have a strict NO BILLING policy.  All services must be paid for at that time.

*pricing effective 01/01/2020*

Pricing subject to change without notice. Please contact the office for the most current prices.



Farm Call (to most locations)


Emergency/After Hours Fee


                      (with non-emergency visit in last 12 months)


Coggins Test (new horse to the GVL system)


                      (repeat horse)


Health Certificate (within the US)




Eastern/Western/Tetanus/West Nile/Flu/Rhino


Eastern/Western/Tetanus/West Nile


Influenza/Rhinopneumonitis (EHV1&4)




Potomac Horse Fever




Strangles (Intranasal)


If you prefer to give your own vaccines please call for pricing, we try to stay competitive with most of the major catalogs.

Reproductive Services


Average Cooled Semen per cycle (not incl. board/ farm calls)


Average Frozen Semen per cycle (not incl. board/farm calls)


Rectal Palpation


Rectal Ultrasound


    -follow-up ultrasounds


Artificial Insemination (fresh or cooled)


Embryo Flush/Transfer

Call for pricing

Lameness Services


Lameness Exam


Joint Injections


Price varies depending on joint(s) and medications used

ProStride/IRAP/Platelet Rich Plasma

Call for pricing

Radiographs (digital) -first region


       -additional region


       -additional regions >5


       -single film